How to Subscribe

Information about podcast subscriptions


Podcast subscription
You can listen to the Conversa Brasileira audio announcements or watch the Conversa Brasileira videos on the Apple Podcast app (MacOS/iOS), iTunes (Windows) or another app (iOS/Android).
Podcasts audios and videos can be transferred through a podcast app to your iPhone / iPod / iPad / Android, for offline listening.

  • Instructions
    • Copy the following URL: (Audio) or (video)
    • In most Podcast apps you can simply search for the copied URL, sometimes the podcast domain is enough to pull up an available podcast.
    • In iTunes: Go to menu item ‘Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast …’. Enter the URL. Then go to browser, click on ‘Podcasts’ in left column to access audio selections for Conversa Brasileira,
  • Notes
    • You will need a reliable internet connection to download audio and video from this website to a Podcast app.